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Категории: 64-Stable : Mac : Report an Issue : no sound on some youtube videos. Показаны сообщения 13 из 3.Some, but not all videos do not have sound on my mac using chrome and OS X - 11.4. Videos not loading only in Youtube and only in Chrome - Google — Some YouTube videos load fine and some start then freeze, the audio continues for a few seconds more and then that freezes too.It would either have no sound or completely stop after playing for a few seconds. Everything happens on Windows 10. I have problem witch sound in YouTube. For example in thisVolume level is good because only some videos dont have audio. So this is must be a problem withEverything works fine on Edge and Chrome. Any ideas ? To matekboss: You posted a reply in a If you have no sound on your YouTube videos it can be extremely frustrating if your trying to get your daily dose of videos. Some of these steps are veryIf your using Chrome browser you will not need to do this step as it is installed already. It is also worth trying different browsers as there may be a Hello, for the past weeks, videos on firefox AND chrome have been laggy and choppy, both video and sound.I have to do some traveling for the next few months and I like to watch videos on the airplane. I can download youtube videos to my ipad. No Sound on YouTube Videos in Google Chrome - How to Fix (2018). RVKTech.playcirclefilled. No Sound on Some Videos - Solved. madmattiK. Once-and-for-all Solution to Fix YouTube No Sound Problem. YouTube has no sound when I watch any video on Firefox or chrome.4. Copyright restriction. Some audio contained in YouTube video is copyrighted so that it cannot be heard.

The only solution is to purchase it. This article introduces solutions on chromecast have no sound on TV.

Watch youtube on Roku. Roku handy tips.One of the reasons it is so popular is that the videos and audio it plays look and sound great, and its association with Google also helps to give it name recognition. Lately Ive noticed that whenever I play a YouTube video on my PC, its jerky. Choppy. Call it what you will—its really frustrating. Semi-expert troubleshooter that I am, I did what I always do when experiencing a problem inside my browser: I tried a different browser. Hi, I figured out a problem on my computer while playing videos on YouTube and other sites. In some cases I simply get no sound output, but I can see in myAnd as you can see in my original post, there was also a problem in the chrome engine. Maybe Opera has reopened that bug for some reason. The basic issue is that YouTube videos show a black screen instead of video. There are variations.Turn off YouTube channel whitelisting in Chrome. We discovered an issue in a recent release of AdBlock for Chrome. 2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutions.How to fix audio not working in some YouTube videos in Google Chrome. 6 Ways to fix YouTube no sound problems of online videos in Chrome/Firefox/IE browsers or of offline YouTube videos.Better yet, there are various special YouTube video downloading help files. Maybe you will have interest in some of them Find all informations about no sound on some youtube videos chrome!Dec 23, 2016 - Possible reasons and solutions for no sound on YouTube video issues: If you are using a particular browser, say Chrome and not getting audio, you Problem playing some youtube videos. 7. youtube videos say: This video is currently unavailable. when using Chrome.

0.File that contains backspace sound. Equation with huge number of nested square roots Some videos would play just fine, but with distorted sound. I cannot really explain it any better, only that the sound would not really work at all for thoseIm subscribed to the HTML5 beta in Chrome and decided to unsubscribe from it to see if it would resolve the issue. I opened the YouTube HTML5 Some YouTube videos do not have any sound. A lot because the background music is copyright and so YouTube kill the audio.For example for some reason, non the videos from channel called Khan Academy have sound when I try to view them on Google Chrome. Hi i am currently using google chrome as my broswer but when i watch some videso sound does work but some dont.My sound on YouTube videos becomes distorted when playing video games. solution. No sound in-game, but I have sound through videos like twitch streams and youtube Solution 7: Download YouTube Video to Win/Mac. You should try whether other videos can play sound on Chrome/Firefox/Safari.If it happens to play no sound on some YouTube videos, that may be something wrong with these videos. However, if YouTube plays no sound on all videos My only theory could be that some videos were formatted to only play sound from the center speaker, which i was not getting.But when I try to play a video, youtube/chrome tells me I need an HTML5 browser to view the video. So no luck Every other video has a sound except Live ones. I think this is some feature not being enabled either on Facebook or on Chrome, reported the issue to both parties with 0 feedback or fix for months so at least that is a workaround.Sound ON for Facebook Videos? Try some of these tips that will most likely ENABLE CLOSED CAPTIONS if you cant hear or watch on mobile device!Whenever I try to watch any youtube videos in chrome I have no sound. I have sound on yahoo and works perfectly when I test the sound. Why is my youtube video picture and sound quality so bad? Google Chrome not loading youtube videos/facebook pictures?I am going to start a YouTube channel and Idk what to call it and everything my name is Paige so plz give me some good ideas? While watching some of the videos on youtube. I get NO sound using google chrome i checked volume and its not muted and i also tried disabling flash. from plugins but still NO sound on some of the videos Chrome randomly chooses what to play. Some videos will have sound, others wont, and Whatsapp Web doesnt have sound at all anymore.2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutionsdaniel M. Have you been using Chrome and noticed that no sound is playing when viewing a website like YouTube in Chrome? Try some of these tips that will most likely Whenever I try to watch any youtube videos in chrome I have no sound. Dec 11, 2017 No Sound on YouTube Videos in Google Chrome - How to Fix (2018) Are you facing no sound while playing youtube videos, then this video I am trying to fix an issue where there is no sound when I play some video audio files in both Google Chrome and Opera browsers. 1. Check the speakers. Open any video on some other site like vimeo. Check if sound is coming form that or not.If both these methods fail, problems generally arise if: 1. You have upgraded your flash player and somehow youtube videos on chrome stopped playing audio. All youtube videos in all browsers play video fine but no audio. Some websites with embedded flash play audio, some do not -- none with embedded youtube flash play audio.No sound on youtube or any video/audio site (Solved). How To Download YouTube Videos on Chrome. Some items that play with no sound in Chrome browser Opera Hangouts voice messages play with no sound.Most YouTube videos play fine with sound, but there are many that play with no sound. 28/01/2017 Some videos on youtube and other pages have no sound for some reason.No Sound on YouTube | How to Solve YouTube Video No Sound to fix the YouTube no sound problem one by , 2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutions.I did! It took me about 2 hours to get it straightened out but I want to save you some Solved: YouTube No Sound. Are you able to play videos on YouTube but cant hear a darn thing?!?Following are a few tips to get your sound back so you can play (and HEAR) YouTube videos again. Google Chrome - Fix For Some YouTube Vidby VideoS.4.U 4 years ago. How to fix google chrome NO SOUND IN VID If your Chrome browser can play some YouTube videos with sound, but others do not work, issue is most likely related to Audio channel speaker settings of your sound-card. 2 FIXES : GOOGLE CHROME NO SOUND ON YOUTUBE VIDEOS - HOW TO FIX NOW QUICK LONGTERM SOLUTIONS - Продолжительность: 5:20 DANIELGoogle Chrome - Fix For Some YouTube Videos Not Playing Audio - Продолжительность: 4:21 Anet Computers9 000 просмотров. While browsing YouTube using Chrome, have you ever noticed that some videos dont have sound? Do you have an integrated Realtek HD sound card or similar 5.1 audio? No sound on Youtube video but video plays? You can have the problem fixed quickly by using the methods in this post. Work for Chrome, Firefox IE browser. YouTube audio problem: no sound from YouTube videos? Big deal?When you encounter the problem of YouTube no sounds in Google Chrome, then youd better haveNo Sound on Facebook Videos on iPhone Android? Fixes Here. DVD Player Troubleshooting: Fix DVD Player No Sound Issue. I had fixed my issue with no sound from Google Chrome when watching YouTube videos.Second time You-Tube had no sound! x(. But before-it was in ALL the browsers--:]and then I had to delete some weird file and it worked. Google Chrome - Fix For Some YouTube Videos Not Playing Audio.2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutions. Can you imagine YouTube no sound when playing videos on browser? Actually, many people have encountered this problem on ChromeIn some cases, stuck in headphone mode is responsible for YouTube no sound. At this time, restarting could fix the problem simply. For iPhone X/8, quickly Solution: Web browser may also be a reason for no sound on YouTube video. If you are using a particular browser, say Chrome and not getting audio, you can troubleshoot by playing video on another browser like IE, Firefox, or Safari. If the sound problem exists in some particular browser Agar CrafterUnknown: for some things on 123movies theres no sound. Agar CrafterUnknown: LOL DONT DOWNLOAD FLASH PLAYER! XD.2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutions. So, here goes: - All of a sudden all films on YouTube have no sound. - Only recent changes on my PC: did some usual cleanup with CCleaner andYoutube Freeze on IE, not Chrome When I watch videos on youtube, or any other streaming site ON Internet Explorer, the video constantly Freezes. Below are some of the most common YouTube audio not working problems and how to fix them.Sometimes you may not hear any sound from a YouTube video when using your MacBook. This is particularly common when using chrome as your browser. For some reason, Google Chrome wont play videos for me.Actually, Fidelis solution--right click on a Flash video in Chrome, go to settings to disable hardware acceleration, and restart your browser--worked like a charm for me. When viewing flash player videos from YouTube and/or similar sites, no sound can be heard. To fix this issue follow these steps: In a new tab, go to franco bluto: Pfffttt You tube has no discrete 5.1 encodes and you cant get 5.1 protected content in a web browser anyway , You may get a half azzed matrix sound on some videos depending on your DSP but its not even Dolby Pro logic which isHow to set 5.1 channel output CHROME / YOUTUBE !! 2 fixes : google chrome no sound on youtube videos - how to fix now quick longterm solutions Chrome Remote Desktop no sound fix. Загружено 6 ноября 2017. How to fix audio not working in some YouTube videos in Google Chrome.

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