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I have an AngularJS app set up with tests using KarmaJasmine.For my tests, Id like you have separate JSON files (.json) with mock JSON content only--no script. For the test, Id like to be able to load the JSON file in and pump the object into the function Im testing. 3 Example Google Maps Json File — AngularJS Routing and Views Tutorial. In this article we go through concept of Routing in Angular. Also we will see how to load multiple views based on URi using AngularJS: How to load JSON data onto a scope variable.Ver vdeo This online video tutorial will teach you how to use the http service to read a JSON file in AngularJS. data from a JSON or a to read a JSON file In this article, we will show you how to create a Menu in AngularJS dynamically, by using different JSON files. Each menu and submenu is created on demand, whenever a menu is clicked or hovered, a corresponding JSON file is loaded and menu is populated. Example.