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Youtube video not buffers and start playing in chrome browser, but at the same time it is playing in mozilla firefox. Solution: First delete history Other video sites are fine in Chrome and YouTube plays in IE.Seems that some people are experiencing ability to view YouTube videos normally in one browser but not the other [i.e. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome]. Disable your one extension at a time, going back to YouTube and playing a video until you find out which one is the culprit. scouser73 Apr 14 13 at 20:06. same thing happening here on 12.04 LTS 64bit. the culprit is not a chrome plugin HDave May 26 13 at 20:50. Whenever i watching online videos from internet websites such as YouTube, Facebook working with Internetnot play in IE9 Somebody the same experience video not playing in ie web page with a video linkHow to Turn On / Off Pop-ups on Chrome, Firefox, Internet explorer and Edge Browser. Embedded videos play fine in Internet Explorer. I tried manually disabling all of my Chrome extensions and clearing my cache but none of that helped. Just today (8/20/2013) I see that there is a new Chrome update available. STEP 6.

Close Chrome and open it again. Test out your YouTube video and it should play smoothly.If all workarounds fail your expectation, Im afraid you should switch to a different browser like IE, Firefox, and Safari. If this stuttering YouTube problem is due to Google Chrome itself, you Lately Ive noticed that whenever I play a YouTube video on my PC, its jerky. Choppy. Call it what you will—its really frustrating. Semi-expert troubleshooter that I am, I did what I always do when experiencing a problem inside my browser: I tried a different browser. It seems today that when a user clicks a link to a video we set up in chrome, it plays finebut when we try in different versions of IE, we get "We are unable to connect to the content youve requested. How-To. How to Fix Embedded Videos Not Playing in Google Chrome. By Brian Burgess. Last Updated on November 29, 2017. If you have run into a situation where videos are not playing in Chrome, here are a couple of things you can do to fix the problem. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. STILL this account cannot play youtube videos. Im now at a loss at what else to try as Ive effectively made the test teacher account an admin account.

DO you have the latest Flash plugin for IE? Chrome has Flash built in. About to post exactly this, it may just need a flash update depending on Herere all the possible solutions to fix YouTube videos choppy issue on Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer and other browsers on Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac. YouTube video is jerky on Chrome, but plays properly on Firefox, IE, Edge and others. The video plays fine in Chrome. I have tried IE on multiple computers, and both at my work and at home, with the same results.Link: Video playback for most YouTube visitors is just fine. They may run into the occasional issue but most of the time videos play without delays, stutters, buffering2015 The state of the desktop email client Thunderbird. 2014 How to always show the full address on hover in Google Chrome. 2013 IE 10 for Its a problem relating to surround sound speakers and flash. Im sure itll be fixed soon. Heres a workaround: change your speaker output from 5.1 to stereo or 2.2. Should work then. when I attempt to play a youtube video on IE it just wont play, I get a message that says that I need to update the flash player! I uninstalled flash player and reinstalled the new version and I still get the same error. Videos play fine on google chrome , they just dont play in IE9. my youtube videos are playing without audio.As sometimes I dont have time or I dont want to restart Firefox (which fixes the problem), what I do is to load the Youtube video in an Internet Explorer tab using the IE TAB plugin and that fixes it. I tried the following code to play videos this works on Chrome, mozila and safari but not on IE.Browse other questions tagged internet-explorer video youtube or ask your own question. If you are having issues with playing embedded YouTube videos in Chrome whilst looking at certain sites, then as The Joker would say, Its simple, we kill the cache.The issue didnt happen in Firefox or IE. We will show you how to download YouTube videos by using Google Chrome extension, Mozilla Firefox plug-in, and KeepVid in Internet Explorer.Make sure that you also have the latest version of Adobe Flash, because keepvid requires this software.

Steps to Download YouTube Videos in IE. They play fine in Chrome and IE. If I re-do all the YouTube videos using the Third Party Embed Code method, they play, but I have lots of YouTube videos and that would take me hours! Can you please advise? YouTube videos might stop playing on Mac or Firefox, IE, Chrome, Safari or any of your browser.1.2 Update Router Firmware. 1.3 Videos wont play in Internet Explorer. This video shows how to solve the issue of IE 11 not playing YouTube videos. Other flash or HTML5 content would work normally.Page content doesnt display correctly [Fix]. Youtube not working on Chrome. We are considering moving to Chrome with their Chrome for Business. They have a full suite of GPO controls that will give us the same level of control that we have over IE.Weve had a constant problem with YouTube HTML5 videos playing in Internet Explorer. 2. Adobe Flash Player is not available Solution: Adobe Flash Player is a necessary part used by your Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari browser, whichTherefore, you should clear caches and cookies and then restart the browser to play YouTube videos again. Firefox: Click Firefox Menu > History > Clear Internet Explorer. Microsoft Edge.Hello. I just upgraded to Windows 10 and I want to report a problema with Microsoft edge while playing YouTube videos. I must get clear this is using YouTube HTML5 mode, not the default one. Video Entertainment Internet Connection.Related Articles. No sound on YouTube videos. YouTube Video player error message. Google Chrome Cant Play Youtube Videos. Although many internet users only watch videos on YouTube, there are many who also post their own YouTube videos.Related. Youtube Videos, Youtube Videos play in chrome but not ie. Post navigation. Problem 3: YouTube Video Not Playing in Internet Explorer on Vista.Why Choose iTube Studio to Download YouTube Videos in Internet Explorer: Download YouTube videos from URL or extension in browser IE, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. Youtube embedded videos on any site are now not showing/playing — Youtube videos no longer play from the browser when embedded.I would guess youtube changed something that google chrome is not compatible with. IE and FireFox are OK. why does google chrome play movies videos on small screen but play in slowmotion on large screen.Why does you tube video play on chrome but will not play on google. Google says I need latest adobe flash player but my computer won,t download it. It is common that Youtube videos wont play on Chrome, Firefox, Safari or IE .It was confirmed that the problem only appeared in Chrome and Firefox but worked perfectly in Internet Explorer browser. The youtube videos are loading and they just show a static image when I seek to a time. I have the lastest version of chrome AND adobe flash player. I have tried restarting chrome and my computer to no avail. YouTube videos do not play in Chrome in Browsers and Email.Greetings everyone: When going to the following page, there is a video, it plays in Chrome but not Internet Explorer 11 or Edge, anyone knows what plug-in is actually used and how to fix it as its the same reason mojis are not playing in The video I embedded does not play on Chrome, but it plays on e.g. Internet Explorer.The embedded youtube videos on my site play fine with Firefox or IE or directly from youtube on Chrome. The videos play just fine in IE9. EDIT3: So I got "Uncle Buck Bunny" to work. Its a well known MP4 I downloaded.3.Force HTML5 youtube video.internet explorer - HTML5 video not playing in Chrome and IE11 (exhaustive test case provided). Im running Chrome on my Mac and all of a sudden videos started playing in the HTML5 player instead of the Flash player. I am not in the HTML5 trial, the button says Join instead of Leave and I have tried joining and leaving to try and toggle something but that hasnt worked. since yesterday youtube wont play video although they are loaded. Im using the lastest version of Google Chrome. Just like in the photo the buffering circle doesnt stop spinning and the video doesnt even play. Hey I was just wondering why 4k video lags in chrome canary but not in IE, I really dont want to have to use IE because it is probably one of the worst brow The video codec pack that comes with ur ie might have been an old one iunlike a flash player or java used by chrome.I hope this helps. source: My htc explorer wont play any videos on the internet or on youtube. it was working fine 2 days ago, but now it just says video cannot be played? So I Uninstalled it and now everything works again in both IE and CHROME.Youtube has recently stopped working on my windows 8/ windows 8.1 laptop pc. Instead of the video playing I get a blank black box. When I select the 4K option on Youtube the video begins to buffer REALLY slow, and even stutters when playing if its loaded (This isnt the case in Chrome/firefox and not even in IE). Is Opera just not capable of playing 4k quality? Ive tried using Internet Explorer and Google Chrome to download in youtube, but the audio wont play or the video doesnt work while the audio does.Real Player is installed and RealDownloader does show up in IE. but not in Chrome. Then all of a sudden no Youtube in IE, but plays fine in Chrome. Shows the ads just fine but when the video stats nothing. Funny thing is I can run the cursor across the time line at the bottom and see whats supposed to be there. Free download YouTube video for offline playback. Thus, there is no more troubles like YouTube keeps loading but not playing, YouTube not working errors.Full screen doesnt work on YouTube in Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE Explorer? Google chrome keeps freezing, whenever i play YouTube videos. It started when i got my new computer. (Last November.)It it still doesnt work out, just try other browsers, such as Firefox and IE. Done that. All youtube videos play. 2 replies. 3 have this problem.All you tube videos play using Firefox IE11 and Chrome. When I open the same pages in IE11 or Google Chrome, the videos start with auto play on. Im struggling with getting Youtube videos to play in IE9 and Firefox 24 on my work computer. The videos play one second, then reset, then play the one second again, then goes to the fuzzy screen and "An error occurred, please try again later" message. They do play in Chrome. Why will Google Chrome let me play Flash videos, but Mozilla Firefox wont?What makes Chrome a better browser as compared to IE or Firefox? Why isnt Google Chrome playing YouTube videos? The situations of YouTube videos not playing. 1. YouTube videos dont play or load on Chrome/Firefox/IE/Safari or any other frequently-used browsers.If you still worry about your favorite YouTube video suddenly shut down and cannot be playable any more on your PC/Mac, how about I wanted to make youtube videos play in HD (720 or 1080) on my site (blogspot).Firefox would use the plug-in (which you say works), IE would use ActiveX and I dont do Chrome so you have figure that out yourself.

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