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Getting the Visitors ipaddress is very easy in PHP. The simplest way to get the visitors/clients ipaddress is using the SERVER[REMOTEADDR] or SERVERThanks for your script But may i know i how findout Internet IP Address(not client ip address) Thanks in Advance. Get alternatives to PHP Script to get ip address.Advanced IP Address Calculator. Simple to use network analyzer for identifying subnets. CC Get MAC Address. Software to identify your computers information on a LAN. You can just use PHP for get the IP Address EDIT : Had a researchAnother option is to use the ExternalInterface to make a call to a server-side PHP script or something of the like to return the IP address. Scripting.Question. I want to get the client IP address who uses my website. I am using the PHP SERVER superglobal: server[Remoteaddr] Subscribe for watch more tech videos thax for watching this video. function getIp() ip SERVER[REMOTEADDR]tags:php, learn php, php tutorial, php for beginners, programming Bookmark Get visitors IP address with PHP.PHP F1. Using this information is quite easy now to create a simple function which returns the probably real ip of the site visitor You can just use PHP for get the IP AddressLike the above answer, use PHP (or other scripting language) to pass the IP address as a param value into your flash movie and youll have it available at runtime. This script will give you the Users City, State and Country, Latitude, Langitude etc To get the IP Address is easy in PHP right?, but to get the Country and City we need to use some third party APIs.

If you are really wanted to get User ip address using PHP , there is so many commands that actually you can use to do it . But Now you can use this following codescript>. Getting the User IP Address using the There is NO way to get your underlying IP Address that has been designated by your ISP via conventional PHP if you are using a router.The point is, if you let the script do a request to itself than you get its external IP address. Using webRTC (get private IP). The RTCPeerConnection interface allow you to create a WebRTC connection between your computer and a remote peer.