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Weather Forecast Lake Garda is provided by 3 days weather forecast with meteorological information, air temperatures, precipitations, wind.The water temperature increases from May, and during the summer season tourists can actually swim in the lake. Weather And Temperature Averages For Lake Garda Italy. Holocene History Of Earths Climate. Present Status Of Pop Contamination In Lake Maggiore Italy.May 2016. August 2015. Lake Garda weather in January is extremely cold with temperatures of (-6.1) and 2.6 degrees, as result gloves and warm clothes are recommended.May. June. July.Lake Garda Average Annual Weather By Month. Lake Maggiore.

Lombardy. Emilia Romagna. Sardinia. Lake Garda. Abruzzo and Marche.Also, these are monthly averages: temperatures at the end of May will be much more like temperatures at the beginning of June, rather than at the end of April. Lake Gardas wiki: Lake Garda (Italian: Lago di Garda [lao di arda] or Lago Bnaco, Latin: Benacus Lombard: Lach de Garda Venetian: ago de Garda) is the largest lake in Italy.Average depth.183: Peschiera Garda Gardaland Malcesine (May to October). Yearly average temperatures are between 12-13, in fact snow and fog are rare north of Garda: the lake only froze once in history (1709). Relative humidity is of 66 average water temperature is of about 21, in depth (30 metres) it is about 13 (in September). It might seem a strange topic, but the water temperature of Lake Garda is instead a very important factor and also quite debated by swimmers.So far we have talked about the average temperature, but the Lake Garda does not have the same temperature at every point. Lake Garda, or Benaco, is the largest of the pre-alpine lakes in Italy, as well as the one with the richest history.The average temperature over the year is 12C, peaking at 25-27 C during July and August.

May. 13 - 18 C. List of cities. Lake Garda.The average winter temperature varies between 12 and 18C and in summer between 24 and 30C. Temperatures. MONTH. December - February March - May June - August September October - November. Images Map. Lake Garda weather. Europe. Italy. Italian Lakes. Lake Garda.Average water temperature -. Average rainfall 68mm. Average amount of sun hours 6h. May. Day time maximum temperature 22c. Lake Garda winds. Wind is determined by air movements caused by different temperatures and pressures from one place to another, where the air current moves from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone. Average minimum and maximum temperature in Peschiera del Garda (celsius)The months May, June, July, August and September have a nice average temperature.The average annual maximum temperature is: 16.0 Celsius (60.8 Fahrenheit)freezing temperatures it should not be perceived as unfashionable. With fashion choices today, if we can make fashion fun and not flashy in this case, everyone can be. Read More. Crochet Tutorials. Transportation to Lake Garda. Lac de Garde by Rolland Dominique. Isola del Garda - Villa Cavazza-Borgheseun t by Stefano Fogazzi.Mar. Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Temperatures in Lake Garda range from 22C to 29C, which is perfect weather for relaxing on the beach and enjoying some sightseeing around the city.March enjoys an average temperature of 9C that rises to 17C in May. Here are the average temperatures of Sal, on the southwest shore of the lake, in the province ofFor swimming, the temperature of Lake Garda reaches around 20 C (68 F) from June to AugustIn summer and in May, thunderstorms in the afternoon or in the evening are to be taken into account. These monthly climate averages provide average temperature, maximum and minimum temperature, amount of rainfall in months, wind speed and much more. So if you are planning to go on holiday to Lake Garda then do check our monthly climate average section. Best Places to Visit. Lake Garda is surrounded by quaint and interesting towns. Regardless of which ones travellers end up visiting, theyre bound to enjoy seeing the sights.AVERAGE TEMPERATURE (C). 5. In May, as the temperature in Lake Garda, northern Italy really begins to warm up it becomes a popular tourist destination for both sightseeing and a full range of outdoor activities. With average mountain temperatures of 17C (63F) the areas outdoor sports like hiking, mountain biking, sailing Precipitation probability: 20 Storm probability: 0 Temperature: slightly decreasing Wind: light to moderate from south Temperature: -5/-1 C Wind in the morning: S - 3 m/s Wind in the afternoonAll Arco Drena Dro Riva del Garda Tenno - Lago di Tenno Torbole sul Garda - Nago Val di Ledro. Can anyone please give me an idea of the average temperature in October and November both. during the day and at night.May 15, 2017, 1:35 PM. Hi, there are no guarantees with the weather at Lake Garda at any time of year but October would be the better choice. Verona Villafranca weather station: 68 m.a.s.l 34.0 km away from Lake Garda.Explaination to the graph: Max temperature: Average max daily (24h) temperature per month Minimum temperature: Average minimum daily (24h) temperature per month Average temperature8. May. 17.2C. The price per night in a vacation rental in Lake Garda this week (07/28 - 08/04) costs on average 188.May. June. July.During July, maximum temperatures go up to more than 87 Conversely, January is the coolest month in Lake Garda, with temperatures going under 33 According to the Water temperature Lake Garda. Friday 23.02.2018.Southern Lake Garda Last update: 15.02.2018, 13:39. Todays average water temperature max. 10. measured at San Felice del Benaco. Data on seawater temperature in Garda lake, Italy collected from open sources, uses satellite map of temperatures provided by the NOAA.The average sea temperature in Italy is 56oF (13.5 oC).Sea temperature in Garda lake in May. Lake Garda 7 day weather forecast including weather warnings, temperature, rain, wind speed, cloud, pressure and UV index.Temperature (C). -2 . During the summer, Lake Garda can get extremely crowded and hot, with average temperatures around 28 or 29C. If you plan to swim or participate in water sports, you may want to visit in late summer because the water does not tend to warm up until well into July. Sometimes in winter the Lake Garda weather reaches a climate with a minimum temperature below zero but, in general, Lake GardaHere are the average temperatures of Lake Garda weather: December February: air 5 15, water 6 10 March May: air 15 24, water 9 18 June average water temperature. Climate Peschiera del Garda.Mar. Apr.

May. Jun. Jul.06/10/2014 This is a great campsite to use as a base at Lake Garda. The water temperature in Lake Garda 9 degrees. Lake Garda weather by month, weather forecast.Weather in Italy in March, in February, in May, the weather in April, in January, the weather in Italy for months. lake Garda, Italy hotels, reviews, photos, videos as. Temperature of about 30C in May are not an exception and are the beginning of a long season with hot summer days and lukewarm nights.The average water temperature of the Lake Garda is spread over each month as follows Isle of Dreams. Average air temperature.Peschiera may be considered both a lake as well as a river town, since it is situated on the various branches and canals of Lake Garda before the lake finally flows out in the direction of the Po river. Average Flight Time: 4 hours Time Difference: 2 hours Average Temp: 18C Currency: EUR.Mar 13C. Apr 18C. May 22C.Summers in Lake Garda are hot, with temperatures often exceeding the late twenties in July and August. Lake Garda: Annual Weather Averages. July is the hottest month in Lake Garda with an average temperature of 24C (75F) and the coldest is January at 2C (36F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in July.Apr. May. Jun. Jul. Lake Garda is surrounded by quaint and interesting towns. Regardless of which ones travellers end up visiting, theyre bound to enjoy seeing the sights.AVERAGE TEMPERATURE (C). 5. J.Please ask us to confirm what protection may apply to your booking. The largest and most popular of the Italian lakes, Lake Garda lies midway between Milan and Venice, and is the beating heart of northern Italy.Look closely and you might spot the peninsular of Sirmione on the lakes southern edge.Average monthly temperature and rainfall for. The lake Garda has a unique microclimate that remarkably differentiates itself from the rest of north Italy.The lake Gardas temperature and its weather conditions are in many ways similar to those of the Mediterranean climate. If you are planning to visit lake Garda,the largest lake in Italy, in October you are in for a lovely treat. The weather for the month of October is normally very pleasant even if its starting to move towards winter. The average temperature is around the 20 degrees C . You might experience some rain In the coldest months of the year the minimum drops to 6C, while in August the average surface temperature reaches 27C.They never have the same intensity or direction, but they may occur with more frequency in the lake in front of Bardolino, Gragnano and Garda as well as in the area between Monthly weather records, averages, historical weather data and long-term weather forecast. Lake Garda brief climate description.Choose a month and a temperature scale January February March April May June July August September October November December. Check Average Temperature, Sunshine Rainfall plus Todays Weather to Riva del Garda, Italian Lakes.May. Garda is situated in a relatively sheltered position in a bay to the south-east of Lake Garda.Please note that the figures to the right are monthly averages and that weather can obviously be hotter (or colder)The following days will then be cloudy and temperatures will rise. Last update : 27.02.2018. Lake Garda is the largest lake in Italy. It is a popular holiday location located in northern Italy, about halfway between Brescia and Verona, and between Venice and Milan on the edge of the Dolomites. Glaciers formed this alpine region at the end of the last Ice Age. Apr. May. June. July.In the next 6 months, July will have higher average temperatures. Conversely, January is the coolest month in Lake Garda, with temperatures going under 1. April is the wettest month. From May Lake Garda starts to get crowded during the summer (June, July, August) it is warm and crowded along the lake.average minimum temperature (C). average hours of sunshine per day. average days with precipitation per month. The water temperatures of Lake Garda vary depending on the season and range from 43 to 50The average water temperatures are usually warmer toward the southern end of the lake thanks toNote: Depending on which text editor youre pasting into, you might have to add the italics to the site name. These figures shows the average monthly water temperature in Garda lake. Average, minimum and maximum sea temperatures are calculated based on the data over the past 10 years.May. The deepest parts of the lake reach 919 feet below the surface, although the average depth isThanks to the Mediterranean climate Lake Garda is almost always the perfect temperature.This also means the water is very cold during spring and winter, but by mid- May the water has usually weather at Lake Garda, forecast for the next 5 days, climate with tables of monthly means.Monthly average. Air temperatures min. - max.May. The water is so clean here and also the average seasonal water temperatures might look quite low, but bear in mind there are many shallower and more sheltered parts to the lake where the water is much warmer. We have been in the Lake in May around the town of Garda and it was quite pleasant

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