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Here is the listing for the Oracle XML DB supplied XML schema, XDBResource. xsd, used to represent Oracle XML DB resources.simpleType> <. restriction base"unsignedInt"> <. 4.1 Simple user-defined types (simpleType). Simple Types allow to define lists of words and selections for example using the the type attribute.xsd:simpleType name"listtheories"> <. XSD Intro XSD How To XSD XSD Elements XSD Attributes XSD Restrictions.Parent elements: attribute, element, list, restriction, schema, union. Syntax. < simpleType idID nameNCName any attributes >. XML Schema keys: list, restriction, simpleType Relax NG keys: list. 1. XML Schema. Now, we want the "root" element to have attribute "xyz", which contains a list of three integers. <. Defining List and Union simpleTypes in the Tree View.Following is another example of a simpleType definition from the W3C XML Schema Part 0: Primer. This simpleType, myInteger, is based on the xsd:integer type. Site members.

Recent changes. List all pages. Page Tags. Site Manager. This data type cannot contain elements or have attributes. Examples. 1. Simple type definitions using Restriction.

. 2. Simple type definitions using List. 3. A restriction of a type that is a list of integers, constrained to 5 items of the type.xsd:simpleType name"Numbers"> <. Categories of User Defined Types. List type.Example: Schema Code. Meaning. . <-Provides a name for the new type. Example 93. Deriving a simple type from a built-in simple type. <. To add attributes you have to derive by extension, to add facets you have to derive by restriction. Therefore this has to be done in two steps for the elements child content. The attribute can be defined inline: < xsd:simpleType name"timeValueType"> <. For example, the following XSD document uses "list" components to define 2 new simple datatypes: