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What can you say to answer to "Que tal?" or "Como estas?" other Question about Spanish (Spain) | Genial!7 answers: What does Hola, que tal? mean? - Quora. A couple answers already translated the phrase well, so thought itd be interesting to see why qu tal has come to Its a basic Spanish greeting used all over the Spanish speaking world. So what does Qu tal mean?As you probably know, Cmo ests? means How are you?, but theres one more way to skin that cat. Que tal in Spanish means such.What does Iniquity Mean? Translate English to German? What my Name in Spanish? What is Correlation Coefficient? Popular Questions. Irrelevant: Does not address question that was asked. Plagiarism: Reusing content without attribution (link and blockquotes). Joke Answer: Not a sincere answer.2017. Que tal? Whats up? . "Qu tal?" (Please note the accent and the interrogation signs) is equivalent to "how are you doing?"Cmo ests?ANSWERS The same reason why "whats up" means hello. Its just and idiomatic expression. QUE TAL / COMO ESTAS in Spanish by FreeSpanishTutorials.net.What Does This Mean Como Estas? 02 Dec 2017 - 2 weeks ago Brody Jarvis. "Qu tal?" is the informal way to say how are you? but careful, if you add something else to that sentence, for example " que tal si vamos al parque?" that means another thing (how about we go to the park?)Que talk is used informally whereas Como estas is formal. Meaning / English equivalent: Where theres smoke, theres fire. Del tal palo, tal astilla.

El que quiera pescado que se moje el culo. Translation: He who wants fish should get his butt wet.About enforex. Learning spanish in spain. 2005-10-5 Hola i would like to know the diffence between Que tal? and Como estas? what are the variable uses of que tal?what does que tal mean in spanish. usted in english. Translations in context of "Qu tal est" in Spanish-English from Reverso Context: Qu tal est tu comida? .Qu tal est el mercado inmobiliario? So hows the real estate market doing?No results found for this meaning.

You see the expression qu tal in Spanish books on occasion, but most of the time they just tell you its an informal greeting and case closed. That hardly does the expression qu tal any justice, so I put together a podcast about some of the most commonQu tal? is actually Qu tal ests?which translates to "How about if". And remember, this is "si" without an accent which means if. 2 Introduction: We need to learn how to greet people in Spanish. So how do we do it?.Hello What does Qu Tal? mean? Whats up?/How are you?18 Estoy muy bien I am very well/good. Example sentence: !Hola! C mo ests ? Say "Cmo ests?" when speaking informally, to someone your age or younger, or someone familiar.For example, if someone says to you "Qu tal?" ("whats up?"), you might respond "Nada" (nah-dah), meaningHow does one answer a yes or no question in Spanish with the negative? Mexico - Spanish. Qu tal?, Ive always thought about it as the equivalent to Whats up? Cmo est Juan/"la sopa de tortilla"?MEans How did you spends your holidays? Qu tal tus vacaciones? (Burmese) Nepali Norwegian Persian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Sesotho Sinhala Slovak Slovenian Somali Spanish Swahili Swedish Tajik Tamil Telugu Thai Turkish Ukrainian Urdu Uzbek Vietnamese Welsh Yiddish Yoruba Zulu.What does Que tal el sbado? mean in English? What does hola que tal como estas mean? Translation: Hello, whats up, how are you? Yes. It is that redundant in Spanish too.5 Contributions. Answered. In Spanish to English. What does k tal esta mean? It is actually written, qu tal esta. The literal translation is "how/what about this". what does como estas mean in Spanish? - Brainly.com.They mean pretty much the same. quotcomo estasquot se refiere a como 233stas de salud o de sentimiento y quot que talquot se refiere que haz hecho que onda y cosas as237 This is a blog for those who study Spanish (from Spain) and want to get further information and explanations about grammar and cultural topics.Qu tal? Cmo ests? Hasta luego!- Thats what I say, sucker, what do you have to tell? Yes, monstruo means monster and mamn means Qu tal? Whats up? How are you? Hows it going? Take a look at how to use this phrase in Spanish: Qu tal, amigo? - Aqu noms.Qu tal esta foto? - No me gusta. Te ves muy cabezn. What do you think of this picture? 0. Learn what "Qu tal?" means in English in this article. hola, good morning good afternoon WHAT DOES TAL MEAN IN SPANISH?Actually that person is saying "Que tl est todo?" or "Qu tal va todo?". Hows it going? Take a look at how to use this phrase in Spanish: Fuiste al cine what does como esta mean in spanish?oye, just a quick question.

can anyone explain to me the difference between " que tal" "como es" and "como esta" when you want to ask "how is/was it?" You asked: what does que tal estas mean. Sorry, I dont yet have an answer to that question. Qu tal ests de nimo? How are your spirits?/ Emotionally, how do you feel?False Friend Alert! Yes, un detalle is sometimes a detail. But in everyday Spanish it generally means a gesture or token of appreciation. how are you so the reply bien is . What does que tal means, mean in spanish, means in english, mi amor mean, nena mean, mean yahoo, mi amigo mean, mean literally, mean is spanish.15 Nov 2011. type question, similar to Como estas or Que tal However, answering with. Well, I guess that it is the same sense as "how are you?", but I dont believe thats an accurate translation. The first part of my question, then, is what exactly does Qu tal? mean? I mean, que means generally "what", and tal means generally qu tal ests?how are you?qu tal has dormido?how did you sleep?qu tal es fsicamente?what does she look like? www.bbc.co.uk/languages/spanish Spanish Steps Stage 1: Taking a taxi ride: Listen to Kevin Duala as he talks to a taxi driver in Madrid and, in Stage 6: Saying what you do, hear him introducing himselfIs the missing word sta or. ste? 4. How would you greet a close friend? 5. Your friend says Qu tal? Qu tal ests de nimo? How are your spirits?/ Emotionally, how do you feel?False Friend Alert! Yes, un detalle is sometimes a detail. But in everyday Spanish it generally means a gesture or token of appreciation. "Qu tal" is an adverbial expression in Spanish. It actually means "Cmo". The original sentence was " Qu tal ests?" meaning "cmo ests?" "how are you?". Its very commonly used in expressions like " Qu tal vas en la escuela?" " Spanish to English TranslationSpanishDict. What Does Qu Tal?Spanish to English TranslationSpanishDict. Translation. What does que tal mean? | SpanishDict Answers The phrase was Que tal? "Qu ests haciendo?" is the correct form in Spanish to ask "What are you doing?"up?" could be "Qu pas?", "Cmo va?", "Qu pasa?", "Cmo va eso?", "Cmo lo llevas?", " Qu tal?"Qu ms? What does it mean? It doesnt have a verb either. But if you are intelligent youll figure Ingresar a quetal 2015 TODOS LOS DERECHOS RESERVADOS. que tal? what does it mean and how to respond SpanishDict Answers Buen dia, Juliana. ?Que tal estas Spanish to English Translation - SpanishDict ?que tal ( estas)? -> hows it going?, how are you doing? ?que tal el viaje que tal estas meaning.english used in the classroom usual phrases www.claseshistoria.com . greetings saludos hello hola good morning buenos das what does mean in spanish? I thought that I was comfortable with using Qu tal? and Cmo ests?, but listening to some Spanish news onlineexample, is somebody has just done an exam, or an interview, or has just been travelling, you can ask Qu tal?, meaning Qu tal el viaje?, Qu tal te fue el examen? , Qu tal I have just done my AS level Spanish and got an A grade!Anton El ao que viene est todava muy lejos, pero puede ser una posibilidad!gracias ben. tal vez en ingles? It seems to me that you use lo que for what when que is all that is needed. entiende? antonio. REQUIRED VOCABULARY Montgomery County Public SchoolsSpanish 12015. From Realidades Level 1 Copyright 2011 Pearson Education, Inc. Used by permission.What does mean? azure285. 11 months. Native language. Traditional Chinese (Taiwan). English (US) Spanish (Mexico). Closed question.Featured answer. Native language. English (US) Spanish (Mexico). Hello how are you??? Havent talked to you in a while, whats new? Qu tal ests therefore means cmo ests, or how are you, and the ests ( meaning you are or are you) indicates that the speaker is inquiring about their interlocuteur.What does "Hala Madrid" mean? Why does "que tal" mean hello in Spanish? What does Hola, que tal? mean? | Spanish (language) - Quora.Qu tal is an adverbial expression in Spanish. It actually means Cmo. The original sentence was Qu tal ests? meaning cmo ests? how are you ?. What Does Que Tal Estas Mean In Spanish? My name is Jenny and Im a Spanish teacher. Some of my students asked me where the expression Qu tal? comes from. I know that its short for Qu tal ests? and that tal has a lot of uses in the language, but what is the literal meaning of qu tal? Where does the expression come from? Another option is que tal ests, qu tal? or also como vas. Which is like how do you do, how are you doing, how is it going, etc.What does Wei mean in spanish. How do you say suck my dick in spanish. Learn Spanish - As que: New Spanish Word - Продолжительность: 2:19 spanishisyouramigo 7 415 просмотров.Lesson 2: Hola! Qu tal? - Продолжительность: 6:12 LexiconTutorials 7 303 просмотра. What does "Qu tal?" mean in Spanish?Spanish 2, Level 1, Scene 1. You Want to Learn Spanish Fast? With our Spanish 1 Travel-Story Course youll practice Spanish for FREE - with a story of a young man traveling through Spain. QUE TAL / COMO ESTAS in Spanish by FreeSpanishTutorials.net. What Does This Mean Como Estas?- Calico Spanish Songs for Kids. Useful phrases 2 - How are you? in Spanish. How to say How is your family - Como esta tu familia ? in Spanish tutorial. What does Hola, que tal? mean? | Spanish (language) Quora.Qu tal is an adverbial expression in Spanish. It actually means Cmo. The original sentence was Qu tal ests? meaning cmo ests? how are you ?. qu tal ests? | Spanish to English Translation SpanishDict. Buen da, Juliana.Audio pronunciations, verb conjugations, quizzes and more. 10 Answers What does esta mean in English? Free download What Does Como Estas Mean mp3 for free. How to Introduce Yourself | Spanish Lessons. Duration: 3:11 Size: 4.37 MB.SPANISH: Cmo esta usted? How are you (formal). Cleasby and G. In Portuguese, Que tal? How about? What do you think of?Meaning: Whats up? As much as Cmo ests? gets drilled into Spanish learners heads, it is much more common to hear Que tal? or Que hay? in Spain. 8. The difference between "ella es guapa" y "ella est guapa" could not be bigger. One means "she is a real beauty" and the other one means "she is looking good today". 9. A Spanish "Qu tal?" in the lift or on the street is like an English "How are you?".

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